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Company the latest dimention for the logistic branch

Beneath the name LOG[world] we administrate,, and These are six service areas for our customer for the branch transport and logistic, industry, commercial real estate, intralogistic, trade, banks as well as insurance which we built up.

With our clearly defined positioning through the specialization on business, client and logistic are we the platform for all companies which want to expand within and with the logistic. With the help of this combination we creat a high rate and quality of efficiency degree for our client. No matter whether you want to expand with your company, realize, let or construct your warehouse locations, are willing to look for executives or qualified and skilled labour, optimate your logistic (Supply Chain Management), lower your costs for transport and logistic, we have the competence and the concept for each and every demand or situation of your company.

The operating company of all service areas and online portals is the Logvocatus company for eCommerce and logistic. - Karrieremarkt des Messeveranstalters LogiMAT 2012! (Kopie 1) - Karrieremarkt des Messeveranstalters LogiMAT 2012!
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Das Unternehmen
Das Unternehmen